Business Solutions Group

Proposal for WordPress Managed Hosting, Website Design, Development and Maintenance.



Presented by:
Newman Viloria

Jan 2021

Presented by Newman Viloria

Project Overview

Brand name: Business Solutions Group

Project Services

  • WordPress Managed Hosting
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Maintenance


What means WordPress Managed Hosting?

We have WordPress hosting experts, that’s the WordPress part. And we will take care of all technical details for fine-tune setup and 24/7 maintenance and support. That’s the managed part.

Hosting Limits

  • Disk space limit: 5 GB
  • Bandwidth limit: 120,000 visits per month
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases (Limited by disk space)
  • Unlimited email accounts (Limited by disk space)

Hosting Features

  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Includes WordPress installation and setup
  • SSL: Website recognized as secure by browsers
  • Support and Monitoring 24/7
  • Fast Support: Average response time within 15 minutes
  • Hardware: Intel CPUs, low latency DDR4 RAM memory
  • Built on VMware vSAN with SSDs backed by NVMe caching layer
  • VMware virtualized private cloud
  • Access to latest software including LiteSpeed LSCache, PHP
  • Imunify360 malware protection
  • cPanel
  • Data centers located in US and UK

Website Design
and Development

Website Requirements

  • One-page based design
  • Simple and modern look
  • Easy page navigation
  • Main call to action: Contact us
  • Bilingual English / Spanish
  • Responsive one-column based design
  • Links to company chat and Social Media

Website Structure

  • Home
  • Services / Products
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Testimonials
  • About us
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Privacy Policy (Mandatory)
  • Services Terms and Conditions (Optional)

Thanks to responsive design, your website will look good on any screen size.

Want to try? Just open this website on your mobile and flip it from vertical to landscape.

Flip your phone now to try this website responsiveness

Website Characteristics

We offer you a website that, just as the one you are using right now, is:
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast
  • Responsive
Mobile first

Although your website will be responsive, which means it will automatically adapt to any screen size, it will be designed thinking on mobile devices first.

That is because above 90% of your visitors will use a cell phone.

You wanted a one-page website. We are also suggesting a one-column one.

Price and Conditions

ServicePrice (USD)Frequency
Design and Development800Two 400 USD one time payments
Managed WordPress Hosting and Website Maintenance200Monthly

Website Maintenance Scope

Website maintenance includes:

  • Hosting Service
  • WordPress, WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins updates
  • Minor changes to the website, such as:
    • Existing copy changes
    • Existing images changes

Website maintenance does not include:

  • Creation of new sections
  • Changes in Website structure

Complex website changes or additions will be quoted as subprojects.

Execution Timeline

Configure HostingWeek 1
Install WordPress and basic pluginsWeek 1
Design Week 1
English ContentWeek 2
Spanish ContentWeek 2
Client ReviewWeek 3
Final adjustmentsWeek 4


What we need to get it done


What we need from
you to get it done

To get your website done we need a few resources from you:

  • Brand logo (We prefer PNG format, transparent background)
  • Brand preferred colors
  • Contact details you want to share
    • (How do you wish to be contacted)
    • Contact Form fields
    • Address, Phones, email…
  • Website Pages
    • We gave you a few ideas. Let us know if we are missing something.
    • Texts, images and other elements you want to include on each page.
    • We prefer JPG files for website images when no transparency is needed, and PNG files when transparency is required.
  • Main Menu options
  • Your Services and Products (name and description of each)
  • SEO: How would you search yourself
    • Search terms you would use if searching a provider like you but not knowing the company name
    • Keywords and keyphrases
    • i. e. Business Coaching, Business Consultancy, Business Solutions…
  • Brand slogans, mantras, tags and similar.
  • Describe your brand services in a line or a paragraph or sentence not too long.

Note: Licence costs of copyrighted media (images, audio, video) are not included.

Please send required inputs to after you make the project approval payment.

Website development will start when we receive the required resources.

Proposal Approval Payment

To approve and start the project, please pay Development Down Payment 400 (50%) and Hosting and Maintenance First Month: 200.

First Payment Total: 600

Payment Details

Thanks to pay via Zelle to:
Name: Sylvie Donis

Please make monthly payments the first day of each month

NOTE: The hosting and maintenance monthly charges must be paid on time from first month on even if the project is delayed for any circumstance.

Why WordPress

The latest estimation says that almost 40% or all websites are developed with WordPress.

WordPress is easy to use but also a powerful tool.

Thousands of themes and plugins make WordPress flexible and easy to scale.

You are experiencing WordPress right now

This proposal is intentionally made with the tools and technologies that we will use for your website: same hosting, same WordPress, everything, so that you experience speed, readability and adaptability (responsiveness) straight from here.

Why No Third Party Builders

To guarantee speed, compatibility, and to ease coming WordPress core and themes upgrades I recommend avoiding using third party WordPress builders and themes and use WordPress (Gutenberg) block editor and WordPress default theme.

About Newman Viloria

With over 15 years of continuous web services experience, Newman has developed more than 200 websites including different business niches as corporate, consulting, news, space renting, sport services, security, IT services and more.

Other Newman Services

  • Naming
  • Design
  • Consulting

This proposal is made with WordPress for you to see its readability, responsiveness and other features.

Don’t just create websites.
Create websites that sell.

Newman Viloria